Research + Development

Autumn Harp spends a high percentage of resources on product development and R+D. The chemists, drawn together from all points of the globe, marry inspiration, creativity, color and ingredient ingenuity to bring to fruition revolutionary product. The team excels at innovation, interpreting customer needs, rapid sample turn-around and superior protocols for in-house testing.

R+D strengths include:

  • Rigorous tests of packages and formulas to produce robust products that retail around the globe
  • High rate of launch success, resulting in 150% more brief-to-launch realizations than industry average
  • Certified organic and natural formulations
  • Emulsion expertise
  • Preservative-free formulations
  • Cutting edge color products
  • Innovative technology and texture formulations
  • Adherence to EU cosmetic directives and Japanese formulary requirements
  • Global SPF and OTC skin protectant formulations

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